Upcoming Features!

Sorry we’ve been quiet, but we have a number of projects in the works that we will be publishing in the next few months!  We thought it would be good to give you a glimpse, and hear back from you on what else you want to see over the next season or so!

1.  Athames!  Ritual knives for both the ceremonial and practical aspects of witchcraft.  From a blacksmithing class to make-it-special-on-a-budget methods of creating your own athame.

2.  Altar cloths!  Make or buy?  How an altar cloth can be the centerpoint in which you build an altar of specific purpose.

3.  Budget altars!  Watch us assemble an altar on a few low budgets, using found and recycled items, and some thrift purchases.

4.  Using animal parts – ethics, laws and practicalities.

5.  Polymer Clay – making your own statues, offering bowls, and so forth, is easy with this bake at home product, but how do you feel about using man-made materials?

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